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For weeks, One Direction and Taylor Swift fans were glued to their Tumblr and Twitter accounts, searching hashtags and following the verified accounts of their idols in hopes of any information on the alleged relationship between the two.

But then, the relationship seemed to fall apart. No one knew the real reason that the couple who were attached at the hip for weeks, shared a New Year’s kiss in Times Square, and flew all over together, just seemed to fizzle out.

Well, Harry Styles is finally addressing the alleged breakup, and says he’s doing “okay.” In a recent interview with U.K. radio station Capitol FM, he discussed how he’s been feeling since the split in January.

“Yeah, I’m good,” Styles said.

This comes just a few days after Swift’s performance at the Grammy Awards that many have pegged as a diss toward Styles. In her song “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” Swift used a British accent during one of the speaking lines that talks about  a relationship being done forever.

“She’s a great performer,” Styles said. “She always performs great and she’s always good on stage. She’s done it for a long time. She knows what she’s doing on stage. It was just another good Taylor Swift performance.”

Both are set to perform at the Brit Awards on Feb. 20, but Styles said it won’t be a big deal for him.

“I’m not worried about seeing her at all,” Styles said. “She’s a sweet girl, you know. I don’t have a bad word to say about her.”

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