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If the Grammy’s had a principal’s office, there would be a decent amount of bad apples sent to see the principal.

Right before the weekend, it was announced that CBS launched a “wardrobe advisory” giving celebrities a heads-up about the new dress code for this year’s Grammy Awards.

The dress code required stars to leave their overwhelming cleavage, side-boob, whole boobs, booty crack, “puffy skin,” and anything else that danced along the PG-13 line within the fashion world at home.


Well, it seems many stars ditched the sexy ban because there was a whole lot of violating going on at the 55th Annual Grammy Awards red carpet.

Stars like J.Lo, Kelly Rowland,  Kat Dennings, Katy Perry, Ashanti, and Miranda Lambert, were some of the many stars who would have received that pleasant phone-call home from the principal’s office…


During an interview with E!’s Ryan Seacrest, Miranda Lambert admitted that she was rather confused about the newly released fashion rules.

“Puffy skin, what is that?” she asked Seacrest before pinching her own fairly exposed boob.

“Puffy,” she concluded.

It wasn’t just side-boob and booty crack that was targeted in the dress code, but commercial logos on clothing was also banned. However, like many other celebs, Travis Barker also gave that rule the middle finger.

Other stars like Beyonce, Adele, and Kaley Cuoco kept it rather casual and more importantly, covered up, so I’m sure the CBS really appreciated that.

Rihanna graced the red carpet in a matching red gown by Azzedine Alaia with a red lip. She also debuted her new honey-brown locks, which seems to channel Tyra Banks and Beyonce’s signature looks.

Riri was also pictured cuddling up next to Chris Brown in the audience. Chris showed up to the red carpet solo dolo and wore a clean all white suit. The couple happily posed while boo loving for photographers, smiling from ear to ear and exuding some romantic Valentine’s energy — a lot different than their night prior to the 2009 Grammy Awards when Chris was arrested for assaulting the “Diamonds” singer and then girlfriend.

What are your thoughts on this year’s fashion? What are your favorite looks? Do you think the stars like Kelly Rowland and J.Lo will be getting another invite next year? Do you think they will remove the alleged dress code?

Share your thoughts below.



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