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While many of us were hyped up over Destiny’s Child’s long-awaited reunion last Sunday, Keyshia Cole however, was not really feeling Michelle Williams’ contribution to the halftime show.

According to a series of tweets posted on Monday February 4th, the R&B artist voiced her rough critique for the singer.

The “Let It Go” singer began her angry rant by first applauding Bey for her jaw-dropping performance of her solo hits. Keyshia wrote, “F**k that shit up then Beyonce! Bad b***h central.”

She then reportedly wrote after, “I think I was frightened to blink for a sec. Then Michelle sung and woke my ass up from my daze! She always f***ing the groove up.” 

As soon as she went off on Twitter, Michelle’s and Destiny’s Child’s fans immediately backfired. One fan even created a fake tweet claiming it was the “RealMichelleW” and responded to Keyshia’s tweet.

Shots fired from all ends of the table.

I must admit, that was a little foul, although… it had me rolling — but really, that’s definitely not making the situation any better. The actual real Michelle finally responded to the entire mess, addressing everybody on Twitter and wrote, “I never tweeted that! Be wise and check the ORIGINAL timeline before you spread more mess! Once again…God bless!” 

Keyshia reportedly added more fuel to the fire and tweeted at Necole Bitchie, saying, “by the way, The B*ch Michell said some foul sh*t while I was performing once. But no one recalls…” The singer then reportedly deleted the tweet — whether or not it was because she didn’t spell check her swears and names, or that she felt bad and deleted it… we’ll never know.

However, she did offer an apology, well, kinda… (Depends on your definition of apology)
“But hey! I love y’all too! And y’all girl is whack and always will be!”  

Michelle kept it positive though, writing, “Had a great time with my sisters tonight! Tried to keep it a surprise! Love you all. God bless!” #GottaLoveIt

What are your thoughts? Do you think Keyshia is a little upset she didn’t get to perform at the show? Was she a little too harsh? What do you think about Michelle’ s reply?

Share your thoughts below.


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