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Uh, oh! It appears the newly single pop singer is moving on from her latest breakup a lot quicker than her ex!

Well we may have reported on the actresses latest status post the Jelena breakup, now we have even more proof that she’s leaving the biebs in the dust!

According to US Weekly, Selena Gomez was informed at her NYLON magazine cover that the pop boy band, One Direction has quite the little crush on her.

At a private dinner party for the star’s latest magazine cover, it was revealed that the bandmates would like to kiss her more than any other female celebrity.

And can you blame them?

Sel was completely shocked by the news though. “When did they say that? That’s really nice. I’m sure they said that for shock’s sake, maybe,” she modestly joked.

However, Extra’s Terri Seymour was not at all joking. Sel replied with. “That’s really nice! I love all of them. I’ve met them and they’re so sweet.”

Seymour then egged it on and proceeded to ask February’s cover girl forNYLON who she would be most willing to pucker up for. After heavily weighing her options, she finally deliberated the tough decision.

“Oh, no… Zayn! Maybe. That’s it, I’m done.”

Well I bet the boys will be jealous of that one!

However, unfortunately it was revealed that days later, the pop singer was caught leaving Bieber’s house for the first time since their huge split in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico during the holidays. According to US, Selena was escorted out by one of Justin’s drivers early in the morning- with suitcases and all!

“It never ends,” a source tells Us Weekly about the young couple.

What do you think Mocha Lovers? Should Selena pursue a bandmate from One Direction? Or do you think she will reunite with the biebs after all? Sound off with your thoughts below!

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