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Now when Beyonce told us she wasn’t going to lip-sync at last night’s Super Bowl halftime show, she wasn’t kidding. One word to sum up her performance? #WERK. 

The “Single Ladies” superstar was definitely not slacking around during her rehearsals for Sunday’s show and it showed. Although I’m sure many of the male audiences were keeping their fingers crossed in hopes of a potential nip-slip #JanetThrowback, it didn’t happen. Sorry fellas.


What did happen was a killer performance by Bey, followed by a surprise appearance by her Destiny’s Child girls, Kelly and Michelle. Together, the ladies all shut it down.

Beyonce definitely stole the show with her medley of her best hits like “Crazy In Love,” “Baby Boy” and “Single Ladies,” followed by her intense combination of hair flips, dance moves, dutty wine, and fierce facial expressions –– which left everybody sitting at home and on Twitter in pure awe.

Twitter trends flourished after Bey’s performance, which means Beyonce memes are more than likely in the making. Many fans dubbed the Super Bowl as #BeyonceBowl, and jokingly commented on the fact that there was a little football game going on during Beyonce’s concert. When the power outage hit the second half of the game though, many commented and said it was actually Bey’s show that stole all the power from the game.


The stage was adorned with a huge screen showing multiple digital images of Bey herself while she danced. She was backed up by an all-female band who rocked out with her and nearly two-dozen backup dancers.

What really left fan jumping out of their seats was when Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams joined Bey on stage to sing some of their old hits like “Bootyliscious” and “Independent Women,” and they also accompanied her in “Single Ladies.”

The ladies looked killer in matching all black leather outfits, with high knee socks and sexy tights. It was definitely Destiny’s Child 3.0.

 Other stars like Jennifer Hudson and Alicia Keys shut down the Super Bowl stage with their own performances prior to the game. Jennifer Hudson sang ‘America The Beautiful’ with the Sandy Hook Elementary School, and Alicia Keys performed the National Anthem while playing her piano.
Check out the video below of Beyonce’s super sexy performance, in case you missed it or want to watch it again — because it was just that dope.

What do you think of Bey’s show? Are you in love? Did she rock it out? Let us know.

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