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James Franco is known by women everywhere for being one of the sexiest men on the planet, and at this year’s Sundance Film Festival he gave the ladies what they want.

Franco is involved with three different films at the festival that address sex.

“I wanted to explore real sex on film but in a way that was not pornographic, (but) was really about the behavior: the act as something that would reveal character or story,” Franco said of the film “Interior. Leather Bar.” which he co-directed, produced and starred in.

At the festival, he also stars in a film called “Lovelace” in which he plays Hugh Hefner. The other film he produced, is called “kink” and is a documentary about the pornographic website

“Things can become so standardized in any area of human behavior, human creation, whatever, that if I find a pocket of something that’s unusual, that’s against the grain, something that I just don’t see every day, it’ll get my attention,” he said about the project.

Franco said the website got his attention because of the larger themes he realized that came out of the topic.

“This seemed to me like the perfect kind of little microcosm to study, to both study the specifics and the vicissitudes of (, but also to speak about bigger themes of the way that we all kind of interact with each other and power dynamics between any people, whether they’re using bondage material or not,” Franco said.

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