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Republican Sen. Rand Paul, a representative from Kentucky, wants to have it be a mandate for all teachers and principals to carry an armed weapon in their classes.  Are you serious people?

Do you REALLY want teachers carrying guns in class?????? What kind of sick society are our kids growing up in, that people want 24 year old first grade teachers to carry a gun?

I don’t want my babies staring at weapons all day. I don’t want to hear that someone’s child was accidentally shot by a teacher when they pulled away while being escorted to the principal’s office.

I don’t care if you call yourself a gun lover, an extreme conservative, a faithful Republican, or a multi-generational member of the NRA… That should have nothing to do with your level of civil decency.

You don’t hand educators guns and expect that to be an educational experience. This sort of daily-organized weapon use is for the local police, and for other trained units.

Those who think putting guns in the hands of teachers is an acceptable and tolerable solution are sick-minded freaks of nature.

I live in a suburban area where most families don’t spend any integrated time together.  The children have no structure, and are not properly chastised and punished for their misdeeds.  Parents don’t spend enough time with their offspring to even sense when mental sickness is more than a moderate concern.

We need more order, we need to take better care of our youth, and we need to properly punish the trivial wrongs in society, so that they don’t grow to be major and/or deadly circumstances.

There is need for a reconnection of family, and not for the realignment of a human gun target.  There is a definite need to pay more attention to what influences the mentally unstable encounter in life.  We need to not only look for warning signs of sickness and violence, but we need to be less involved with being so politically correct, and force these families to get medical help.

Not properly preparing your kids for life is a form of child neglect.  Allow your kids to go outside and play.  Hand them a book to read.  Cook a few meals together.  It’s not normal to spend the first 17 years of your life connected to your iphone, and trapped in front of a television playing violent murder inspired death games.  Go be social, and learn how to interact with actual human beings.  Maybe then, when life becomes more “real” and stressful, your first inclination will not be to violently murder.  They will know how to appropriately express their anger and depression.

These recent horrific crimes have been committed in established communities, by middle class and upper middle class teens and adults.  This issue is not about protecting schools from the typical corner criminal.

To those politicians and influential looney-toons that are pushing so drastically for teachers and principals to recklessly be handled guns, first learn to suitably conduct your own home before pushing additional violence upon the innocent lives of others.

To those members of the NRA, conservative representatives, and other firearm loving enthusiasts, it’s your gun toting emotionally unstable inaptly medicated suburban offspring that are killing these innocent adults and children. It’s not the thugs in the inner-city.

This discussion is very sad, and even more so terrifying.  The mental intelligence of our society is continuing to fracture. Those who govern us need fight to remain civilized.  We don’t live in a militant nation. Desiring education should not equate possible death.  You DON’T needlessly bring guns around babies on a daily basis.  That’s not the societal mindset we want to nourish.  Time for a plan B.

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