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In a memoir, “Purpose: An Immigrant’s Story,” Wyclef Jean discusses his whirlwind romance with Lauryn Hill.

“I was 20-something … Basically, we were in the studio everyday, recording everyday and around each other everyday,” Wyclef said.

He wrote in the memoir that his relationship with Lauryn evolved from a platonic to romantic, and he began seeing her at the same time as the woman whom he would later marry. Even after he was married, Wyclef wrote in his memoir, he still continued his romance with Lauryn.

So? How did the love triangle end? Wyclef believed that Lauryn had lied to him about her first pregnancy, and he’d assumed her child was his. The misunderstanding and confusion contributed to the breakup of their music group, The Fugees.

Wyclef said on “Starting Point” Wednesday that “through the course of history, someone will document [his time with Lauryn Hill] and say, this is what happened … [T]he doctor that was in the hospital, he saw me in the hospital … someone is going to end up writing it in history, so I have to make sure I write the truth.”

“The people that are blaming me for the breakup,” Wyclef said, “if you all have [the album] ‘The Score’ that y’all love so much, ‘The Score’ wouldn’t have happened without the love triangle of everything that you’re hearing. Inside of the mystery of ‘The Score,’ there’s always a passionate undertone in it, and I don’t think that the music actually would’ve came out like that if we [weren’t] going through what we [were] going through.”

After all that transpired,  Wyclef says that he would not take any of it back.

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