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According to the New York Times, on Monday, September 17, the Chicago Public School System were asked to a preliminary injunction to halt the teacher’s strike.

The papers filed say that state laws “expressly prohibits” professors from striking over non-financial problems. These issues include layoffs and teacher evaluations.

A judge reportedly refused to listen to the case on Monday. This was reported by aid Roderick Drew, a spokesperson for the town’s Law Department.

A court hearing has since been approved for Wednesday morning. Numerous people are wishing for children to go back to classrooms as soon as possible. Many people would like this to happen as soon as this week.

This decision can possibly again depend on the approximately eight hundred union administrators scheduled to vote on Tuesday afternoon to decide if to to lift the strike or not. If delegates opt not to vote to seize the strike, city lawyers are going to appear in court the next day to decide instead.

The mayor of the town Rahm Emanuel has since chosen to speak out on the latest actions and updates of the strike. Emanuel is reportedly “disappointed” that the teacher’s strike has not come to an end.

Emanuel also accused the union of using the kids as a way to get attention or like “pawns.”

According to New York Times one replied:

“This is the first issue that’s gone out of control for Rahm,” said Don Rose, a longtime political strategist in Chicago. Rose continued … “And it’s the first issue where he’s really coming up on the wrong side of the polls. He made this personal, and now it’s his.”

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