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When will it end, when will it end… nobody knows. The Queen of Pop, Madonna, yet again took the golden opportunity to trash her fellow Queen of Pop/Queen Monster Lady Gaga this past weekend in concert. The “Material Girl” performed on Saturday, September 15, in Atlantic City when she was caught on film discussing her love for the “Bad Romance” diva.

Before she performed her song “Masterpiece” she dedicated the ballad to her younger enemy Lady Gaga and added, “I do love her. Imitation is the highest form of flattery,”followed by a very sarcastic “and one day, very soon, we’re gonna be on stage together. Just you wait.”

Oh dear. There you have it — don’t get your hopes up Mocha Lovers.

For those of you who may not remember, the “Like a Virgin” songstress accused Gaga of basically being the new, younger version of her, a downright copy of who Madonna was during her time. She accused Gaga of copying her single “Express Yourself” and turning it into “Born This Way,” in which she said in a 20/20 interview that it felt “reductive.”

Peep Madonna trash talking Gaga around the six minute mark:

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