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Pakistani youth (R) gather outside the M

According to reports, a Pakistani couple went to their local McDonalds to simply buy a diet coke, however when they sat down side-by-side an employee allegedly asked the couple to separate. The worker then asked the couple to instead sit across from each other because their positioning in their booth was damaging the fast-food restaurant’s “family atmosphere.”

Noman Ansari, the husband who was asked to sit away from his wife, told reporters that the employee said that McDonald’s Pakistan had a policy against couples sitting together because it violated the franchise’s strict family vibe.

Ansari also told reporters that McDonald’s proceeded to tell him that his actions were “a negative impact on the Islamic family atmosphere of McDonald’s.”The assistant marketing manager of McDonald’s Pakistan responded by saying that the physical interaction of a side-by-side couple would result in complaints from customers.

According to its website, Mcdonald’s serves about 68 million people per day, with more than 33,500 local restaurants located in 119 countries. Over time, this global franchise has very much adapted to the cultural differences in society, and has accommodated its menus to fit the needs of people from different regions of the world.

McDonald’s has recently announced that it will be introducing a meat-free restaurant at two holy sites in India. They have swapped many, if not all, of the items on their menu and replaced them with vegetarian dishes for religious reasonings. While the intentions may have been to customize their menu to create a larger based network in which everyone can enjoy Mcdonald’s, there has been much criticism from the Hindu nationalist group.

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