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Chris Gethard

Despite being a comedian, Chris Gethard’s lengthy, heartfelt response to an anonymous question on his Tumblr Tuesday night was no laughing matter.

The anonymous poster asked Gethard if he had ever experienced suicidal thoughts; Gethard had written about the psychological issues he has dealt with in life in his memoir “A Bad Idea I’m About To Do”.  The poster then went to express his own experiences with anxiety and depression.  Within minutes, Gethard wrote a moving response that reads as an essay on finding the strength to carry on and anticipate better times in life.

Although Gethard included a disclaimer that he intended his response to be a one-on-one conversation with “Anonymous,” the letter has received a huge response on the Internet and can be applied to anyone dealing with similar feelings:

“I care about you very deeply, me personally, I care about you. And I don’t even know who you are. You sent your message in anonymously and I can’t presume to know who sent it. But you are a person and you’re in a lot of pain and you need help, and as another human who has been in at least similar pain, I want you to know – I care so much about you.”

Gethard ended his response by encouraging the anonymous poster to seek professional help, leaving a few more inspirational words.

“Hang on. Be tough. Better times are coming. Beautiful things and loving people are already out there, and when this cloud passes you get to experience them all so, so deeply,” wrote Gethard.

Gethard has confirmed to The Huffington Post that “Anonymous” has read his response and is seeking help.

Gethard’s post can be read in its entirety here.

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