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Police and court officers were present to shut down a protest in Hong Kong that went on for 306 days. This occurred in the middle of a street plaza under HSBC’S Asia’s Headquarters. According to New York Times, the process of shutting down the protest took six hours.

The disorganized process came to an end with dozens of people moved by forceful actions. The protestors’ tents and other belongings were reportedly taken away.

The little amount of protesters left made sure to fight for their rights by yelling, pushing and  rejecting the officers’ forceful actions as much as they possibly could. Some protesters went as far as pitching their bodies to officers and court bailiffs.

According to New York Times, when the bailiffs were disassembling the setting of the protest, members of the protest yelled :

‘We’ll die before we leave!’’

Protesters also yelled different taunts towards the bailiffs.

The protesters reportedly cried, ‘‘You’re being used by the men upstairs.’’  to HSBC management in the building above the chaos.

According to NY Times, the bailiffs were finished getting everyone out at 4:38 p.m. After the area was evacuated, HSBC lowered a metal gate that measured 30 meters, or 97 feet, long and four meters high to keep people from accessing the plaza.

While the protestors were being transported HSBC security guards reportedly screamed ‘‘no roughness’’ numerous times to the police and bailiffs.

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