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‘Tis the season for fresh ink. While Rihanna is getting a sentimental heartfelt tattoo in honor of her late grandmother, Chris is stirring up the pot with a questionable battered woman tattoo on his neck. Seriously though?

What to think, what to think…

He recently showed off his new neck tat on the red carpet which has been creating a lot of buzz and definitely turning a lot of heads. What is the message exactly? How else could one interpret such art? Are we all just looking far into this? According to reports, Chris says that it has NOTHING to do with his past with Rihanna, or any abused woman for that matter.

His rep says that it is actually a MAC cosmetics design of a skull with a play on the Mexican celebration, Day of the Dead. The tattoo artists reportedly said that Chris came in with a particular design in which he asked the artist to transform into the tattoo.

The real question remains, when will this love saga end? After their shared hug and kiss at the 2012 MTV VMA’s, who knows what to think anymore. Can’t a guy get a “skull” lady tatted on him? Yeah.. no. This is too suspicious.

Should we even be bothered by all of this if she seems to be moved on, kinda? What do you Mocha Lovers think of his new ink? Let us know and click here for more.

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