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Amanda Bynes may be in huge trouble soon if she doesn’t clean up her act. Bynes was reportedly pulled over in L.A.

The famous actress who rose to stardom as a child was caught driving around L.A. without her headlights on. She recently had her license suspended, so this is surely no help.

According to The Los Angeles Times, her license was suspended just last week! These privileges were taken away from the “She’s The Man” actress because of numerous “run-ins with the law”. This seems to be literal because Bynes was reportedly charge with a hit and run after accidents occurring in both August and April of this year. Earlier this year, Amanda Bynes was also charged with a DUI.

According to E! Online, there are questions as to why the actress isn’t in prison right now with a violation after such reckless driving and a suspended license.


An attorney who is in no way connected to Bynes has said (according to E! Online):

“If there was a verbal warning, there isn’t a police report—but that doesn’t mean that they cannot go back and write one up,” Slaten says.He continues,” that it’s technically possible that her license had been reinstated, depending on when the DMV lowered the boom, but that it would have take an “extraordinary appeal” on her behalf.

“It wouldn’t be a violation of any case because she is not on probation,” he says. “What it will do is make it harder for her attorney, Richard Hutton, to get her a good deal.”

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