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Rihanna appeared at the MTV Video Music Awards with an ultra-short ‘do that had many an overly opinionated CNN host (ehen, Piers Morgan), yapping.

Well, it turns out that said host was in for a surprise, after he reached out to Rihanna rudely on Twitter, about her hair! What do men not understand about refraining from comments about a woman’s hair? Apparently, tons. But, have no fear…in true fashion, the Queen of Fashion herself (well, at least as far as today’s pop culture is concerned), had a few choice words for Piers Morgan that were sure to leave him reeling.

All’s well that ends well though, because following their jokingly heated exchange on Twitter, they did leave the possibility open for a Rihanna interview on Piers Morgan’s primetime news show on CNN. What ever would the two talk about, given the “quality” of their Twitter exchange below? Share your thoughts on the matter!

You gotta admit: Rihanna’s kinda awesome. #Hilarity

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