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In one of the strangest reports about a celebrity’s personal life this year, the renown singer Ms. Patti LaBelle appears to have settled a potential lawsuit with Roseanna Monk, pictured above.

The lawsuit filed by Monk reportedly said that in 2010, when Patti LaBelle was staying in New York for her role in the Broadway play, ‘Fela,’ they both lived in an Upper West Side apartment building.

LaBelle, 68, in sum, screamed at her toddler and directed a profanity-laced tirade against Monk, allegedly causing her daughter Genevieve to vomit violently, according to a report by The Daily Mail. Monk was also pregnant at the time.

The Daily Mail continues:

“During the alleged altercation, Ms. Monk said she put down her daughter to carry luggage out of the [Upper West Side] building. When Ms LaBelle walked in and saw the child running around the lobby.” Patti LaBelle reportedly then expressed:

‘What are you doing letting your kid run around like that?”

Supposedly–and this is ONLY Monk’s side of the story:

Monk, a kindergarten teacher, then replied: “I have no interest in what you say or think.” Supposedly, Patti LaBelle, who was reportedly in dressed in a fur coat and sunglasses, cussed at Ms Monk and her baby, according to ┬áthe lawsuit. Allegedly, LaBelle also threw water from a water bottle at Monk and her daughter–and tried to take a swing at Monk…if Monk’s attorney (Sam Davis), who spoke to the New York Daily News, is to be believed.

LaBelle was ultimately restrained from the altercation and her handlers led her to her car, allegedly.

Instead of dragging out the suit in court, Patti LaBelle has decided to pay a $100,000 settlement. According to reports, Monk said that she never initially wanted to sue Patti LaBelle; she initially wanted an apology, but then decided to file the suit after reading about an incident in which Patti LaBelle’s bodyguards had been arrested after beating a West Point cadet in March.


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