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Prince Harry’s royal nudity at the Las Vegas hotel would have cost British taxpayers a whopping $50,000, but good thing that bill was waived by the hotel.

He and his brother Prince William, surprisingly do earn zillions of dollars, on paper. Much of their money is due to inheritance, according to reports. The brothers are not paid for any “royal duties,” although they are reimbursed for any related expenses. Also, they don’t pay rent, lucky duo!

According to The Huffington Post:

“Prince Harry receives $60,000 a year as a captain of the British Army, according to Discovery Finance. And his brother, the future king, Prince William, receives $61,300 as a flight lieutenant helicopter pilot of Search and Rescue in the Royal Air Force.

However, the vast majority of the boys’ money comes from an inheritance their mother, Princess Diana, left them. Ever since they turned 21, both have had access to the $450,000-per-year investment profit off of the $10 million their mother left them. Once they turn 30, they can access the entire $10 million (William recently hit that milestone).”

The 2011 royal wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton, was actually paid in full by both families. British taxpayers did have to pay the massive bill for security that surrounded the wedding, according to reports.

What are your thoughts on the Princes’ pockets? How should royal live/be paid? Is that a hard question for Americans to answer? Sound off below!

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