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Have you ever wondered what Nicki Minaj might smell like? Well, inside this miniature bottle, you just might find out. Nicki has had quite the work schedule lately and she’s showing us that she doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon.

So how does the Queen Barb reward herself? by designing her perfume bottle as her mini-me, of course. From the pink hair, to the pink lipstick, gold chain, rack city chest, with the golden face,  it looks like Nicki stayed very true to herself in crafting this thing.

According to Nicki, the scent smells “like angels playing”… which only makes me wonder if they will be spraying this inside the Sistine Chapel?

You can find this fragrance this September in Macy’s retailers. So fellas — what a perfect Christmas gift, add this one to the list.

Would you be interested in trying out Nicki’s fragrance? Let us know and click here for more.

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