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You gotta love this checkmate.

After the puzzling firing of Ann Curry from the ‘Today Show,’ many viewers were turned off to NBC literally: they tuned to its competitor, ‘Good Morning America,’ on ABC and the former show has been struggling ratings-wise to compete with the latter, since Ann’s departure.

To be fair,’Today’ had been struggling with ratings while Ann was there anyway, but perhaps the awkward and unflattering way NBC had forced Ann out of her role drew the attention of those who say news corporations mistreat female anchors, who must age slowly and look perfect, compared to their male counterparts (ehem, Matt Lauer, ehem).

Angelina Jolie seems to slyly agree that Ann Curry’s firing was insulting.

According to Huffington Post reports, “Radar reported that Jolie reached out to Curry shortly after she was ousted from the morning show, and “made it clear” that she and Brad Pitt would not give interviews to anyone else at NBC News. “Angelina has tremendous respect for Ann because of the work she has done on bringing awareness to Darfur,” a source told the site.”

Interesting development. What will NBC do? If they want an interview with the biggest megastar on the planet (or thereabout)…in fact, TWO of the biggest, if you include Angelina’s husband, Brad Pitt, then they’ll be forced to figure out their Ann Curry situation. They can’t have been feeling too great about it anyway. Ha.

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