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Halle Berry’s Ex Believes Her Moving To France Will Kill Her

August 22nd, 2012 - A TMZ

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Small Bite: Ms. Berry’s ex says she could suffer the same fate as Princess Diana. #RIP

Full Platter:

Is it just me or do custody battles always drive people to say the most insane things? According to reports, nothing is getting prettier about Halle Berry's custody battle with ex-husband Gabriel Aubry.

Apparently, Gabriel is saying that if his ex-wife and daughter Nahla move to France, Halle could suffer the same fate as the late Princess Diana. Halle's goal is to move her family to France in order to protect little Nahla from the paparazzi because France has very strict anti-pap laws.

However, Gabriel's attorney reportedly said that although living pap-free may be Halle's  hope, she could be walking into a HUGE danger zone and be chased around by paps and ultimately entering a death trap -- just as Princess Diana did in 1997 during a crazy paparazzi car chase that killed her... in France.

What do you guys think about Gabriel's claims? Is he one some crazy talk? Or could that very well be the case if Halle and Nahla move?

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Posted by: Hoamy Tran