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Zakaria Finally Speaks On Dropped Plagiarism Charges!

August 20th, 2012 - NY Times

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Small Bite: Find out what this Dad’s doing to recover…

Full Platter:

Fareed Zakaria who hosts Global Public Square, GPS, on CNN faced plagiarism charges after bloggers diligently uncovered on Aug. 20 that one of his columns in TIME magazine mirrored the work of the historian Jill Lepore (which appeared in April in The New Yorker).

After the discovery, CNN and TIME both moved to suspend him and investigated all of his past work. After the investigation, both media outlets restored Fareed and cleared him of wrongdoing. But--he was still back to his demanding schedule.

He has three children, aged four to 13, according to reports--not to mention his TV show, his columns for CNN, TIME magazine and The Washington Post.

When interviewed by the New York Times after the brief fiasco, he had the following to say about why his article had mirrored Jill Lepore's article.

According to The New York Times, "Mr. Zakaria said he never had an assistant write a column in 25 years and that he began using a research assistant for his column only in the last year.

The mistake, he said, occurred when he confused the notes he had taken about Ms. Lepore’s article — he said he often writes his research in longhand — with notes taken from “Gunfight: The Battle Over the Right to Bear Arms in America,” by Adam Winkler (W.W. Norton, 2011), a copy of which was on his desk at his CNN office."

So, what do you make of Fareed's pressure-filled schedule and its relation to his plagiarism error? Are some media personas worked hard to the point of not knowing which notes are which? Share your thoughts below.

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