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According to breaking reports, Chad Johnson allegedly assaulted his new wife, Evelyn Lozada, and has now been arrested.

The issue was supposedly that Evelyn found a receipt for condoms in Chad’s vehicle, according to

The newly married couple had been driving home from dinner, and Evelyn found the receipts, was head-butted by her husband in an argument, and now is suffering from lacerations. Reports say she will require stitches. Chad is reportedly claiming that they “accidentally bumped heads.”

Police reports have reflected a misdemeanor domestic violence charge against Chad for abusing his “Basketball Wives” wife. Guess Jennifer Williams was right about Chad, huh?

Chad Johnson just signed with the Miami Dolphins as a wide receiver, and said he’d do porn if his football didn’t work out.

Riight. Now, seriously: which male is on THIS dumbness, really? Where they do this at? Who hits women–let alone head-butts them–let alone one month after you just married the woman?? Mind you, the pair have only been married for 37 days! Guess they’ve beat Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries’ record. Way to go. *sarcasm*

HOLD UP: Didn’t Evelyn say that she wouldn’t mind Chad cheating, not too long ago? SMH.

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