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Jada Pinkett Smith Discusses Her & Will’s Love!

August 11th, 2012 - Mail U.K.

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Small Bite: Jada Pinkett Smith dishes on her love for hubby, Will!! #Awwwwwww

Full Platter:

There have been numerous rumors that power couple of 15+ years is splitting up! This is sooo not the case according to 1/2 of the couple. Jada quickly shuts down rumors that the two are calling it quits!!... AGAIN

Jada says 'But no, we're not getting a divorce. Where am I going to go? That's my boo. It's like he's another part of me.'

Also, according to Us Weekly, she shared tips for maintaining a happy marriage. "You need understanding, acceptance, and compassion," the actress advised. "And usually you get understanding through friendship, so you need to have that."

Looks like Jada is staying put! We just love these two together! What do you think?? Sound out below! For more taste, here.

Posted by: Kayla Nathaniel