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J.Lo Slams Former Chauffeur With $20 Million Lawsuit

August 8th, 2012 - E!

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Small Bite: @jLo sues her old chauffeur for extortion & defamation. #DontMessWitJenny

Full Platter:

Mmm, Jenny From The Block does not mess around...  The former 'Idol' judge is suing her former chauffeur, Hakob Manoukian for extortion an defamation. According to reports, Hakob threatened to leak "disruptive and potentially damaging" against J.Lo unless she coughed up $2.8 million. Wow!

The former chauffeur is also arguing that Lopez failed to pay him his full salary and that her manager, Benny Medina, treated him poorly. Her lawsuit also states "In the furtherance of this plot, he abruptly terminated his employment with Ms. Lopez and began to threaten her."

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Posted by: Hoamy Tran