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Today is May 24th, 2016

Katherine Jackson Will Not Press Charges Against Her Kids

August 6th, 2012 - TMZ

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Small Bite: Katherine Jackson says no to charges against her own kids. #boyOhBoy

Full Platter:

Well I guess this is part of the silver lining to this chaotic pattern of #JacksonFamilyProblems we've been seeing all over tabloids lately...right?

It has been reported that Katherine Jackson will NOT be pressing charges against her own children who allegedly tricked her into going on a trip to Arizona -- to a luxury resort.

Although the whole situation was a total SMH/"wait what?" moment, her attorney, Perry Sanders, told TMZ that Katherine does not plan on pressing charges over what happened. She also added,  "This chapter of chaos is closed and we are supportive of family unity in spite of recent events and arguably poor decisions."

Sheesh. We hope that it only goes up from here.

What do you all think? Should she have pressed charges? Or would it have caused more distress on the family?

Let us know and get the full scoop here.

Posted by: Hoamy Tran