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Come on, we all know the uber-private couple, Beyonce and Jay-Z right???

Well, not anymore! Beyonce has been opening up and showing off a bit lately. Just a few days ago she posted a pic of her flashing the “Roc” sign, now she has posted a pic of a fan, DJ Roxy Cottontail‘s nails on her Tumblr.

No, these are not Beyonce’s nails–she just liked the fan’s tribute!

Beyonce posted a picture of DJ Roxy’s manicured nails with a portrait of her face right next to Jay’s and the letters; J, Z, B and IV (Obviously, the letters stand for Jay-Z, Beyonce and IV – for the number IV and for their child, Blue Ivy Carter).

What do you think of DJ Roxy’s hip and swagg nails? Too much or just right?? Tell us below! For more on this story, click here.

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