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Despite his heartfelt open letter about his life now as a father to baby girl Shai, and how she’s changed his life, he’s now being accused of being a “deadbeat” father by his baby mama’s sister, Najah Chavis. Najah recently lashed out on Twitter by writing a series of posts targeting the rapper AND his mother Teresa for both being deadbeats.

According to Joie Chavis’ sister, Bow Wow rarely visits his young daughter: “I can count on 2 hands how many times @BowWow has seen Shai and she is bout to be a year and a half ” She also accused him of never buying diapers, wipes, or formula.

In his letter he told fans that he actually does change diapers, and he wishes very badly that Shai could stay with him, but it’s best that babies “stay with they mommy and all dat bull.” He also said it’s hard to visit her because the flight is five hours away…

As for Bow Wow’s mom, Najah wrote that Teresa has allegedly seen her only grandchild a total of three times. She also added that Teresa does not “deserve to be kin to [Shia].”

What do you all think? After reading Bow Wow’s letter and Najah’s tweets? Whose side are you more towards? Is someone exaggerating their version? Let us know.

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