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CONGRATS to 16-year-old Gabby Douglas: she has become the first African-American Olympic all-around champion in the Olympics gymnastics competition.

Gabby has not only won the individual all-around, but she has won the team gold–all in the same darn Olympics: the very first person to accomplish that feat for the U.S. Girl, you are amazing and a half!!!!

While Gabby jumped for joy, Russia’s Viktoria Komova, who was the last gymnast to compete on the floor exercise, lost control of her emotions…

As soon as she noticed that she had come in second place with the silver, she broke down sobbing. Aliya Mustafina, her teammate, won the bronze, and consoled her as the two exited.

A long, hard, grueling time for these youngsters, but AN EXCITING DAY FOR GABBY AND THE COUNTRY!!!! THANK YOU, GABBY: we love you, girl!!!

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