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Beyoncé Becomes Film Director? Sexy!

August 2nd, 2012 - Sis 2 Sis

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Small Bite: Will you buy into this latest @Beyonce venture?

Full Platter:

A sexy proposition layeth before us, Mocha lovers!

According to reports, the arguably spicy Beyonce is looking to create, produce, and direct a documentary about...wait for it...herself!

Who better to paint your portrait in film than you, right?

As the "Run The World (Girls!)" singer shops for a home for her documentary, Beyoncé is also telling everyone to leave a footprint on August 19 for World Humanitarian Day. She reportedly wrote, "Nothing is too small. Do one thing for another human being."

Three cheers to the good of mankind, then, Bey...but even bigger cheers to the women of her kind: who did it all and run the world.

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