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Video footage has been released of an incident occurring at Nicki Minaj’s recent concert in Miami. Although it’s hard to tell from looking at the footage, what we can make of it is a fan rushing to the stage, standing directly in front of her and grabs on to her. The fan then gets tackled like a football player and kicked to the ground by security guards as Ms. Minaj stands yards away.

There’s one video that shows some graphic violence, but the one we have below (which has no sound) seems to be the “clean” version parallel to the above description:


The fan definitely crossed the line by hopping up on stage like that, which makes me wonder how he even managed to do that with security in the crowd? However, were the guards out of line for reacting the way they did?

We’ll see how this one unfolds, but in the meantime, share your thoughts and read the full story here.

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