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Today is Dec 20th, 2014

Nate Dogg’s Six Kids Debate Inheritance Money

July 25th, 2012 - TMZ

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Small Bite: Every celebrity family has #issuestoberesolved these days…

Full Platter:

OK, so bandana in your forties aside, rest in peace, Nate Dogg. He's the rapper from the West Coast who died suddenly on March 15, 2011. #RIP

Nate Dogg's six kids have come together to settle some serious family matters, because Nate Dogg did not leave a will for them before he died, according to reports.

Reports say that Nate Dogg had $200,000 in real estate and a home in Pomona, CA valued at $350,000, even though Nate still owed $150,000 on it.

Probate documents were filed in Los Angeles so that his children can inherit his cash moving forward, as well as his music catalog earnings, reportedly.

Considering that Nate died at age 41, he probably never saw this inheritance division matter coming so soon. What do you think, Mocha lovers? Share your thoughts below!

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