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Just recently we reported that LAX rapper The Game was getting married to longtime girlfriend Tiffany Cambridge on their own reality TV show…and then right after they called off their wedding AND their relationship. SMH

Well now he’s speaking out (through Twitter) and kind of explaining why they hyped us all up. Just after the news broke out, the rapper posted several tweets to confirm the couple’s decision:

“The rumors are TRUE. The wedding is OFF. It’s not her fault, it’s mine ! She’s a GREAT woman, I just wasn’t man enough 2 see it through.

Important message to all men: If you’re lucky to have 1/2 of the woman I had… Appreciate her & do everything necessary to keep her happy !

I am truly sorry & apologetic to my family, friends & EVERYONE that this has affected & inconvenienced.

Not everyone has a happy ending.”

Awww. Keep that head up big guy! Is it just me or is it almost uncomfortable to see hard body rappers going on us?

So, it’s still unclear as to what happened but if there’s one thing we know — it’s all HIS fault.

What do you all think? Tell us! Read the full article here.

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