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It is hard enough being a pre-teen in today’s world but add that to being in the public eye PLUS being the spawn of the most notorious couple next to Barack and Michelle (Mr. and Mrs. Obama if you nasty) and you could have a recipe for disaster —unless you are as grounded as Willow Smith.

The 11-year-old rising young pop star recently spoke to ‘Yahoo!‘ about her style, being confident and sending positivity to her haters. When asked what she thought about people who had negative things to say about her aka “the haters” she had this to say on the ‘The Yo Show’: “I send love and positive energy to all those people in their lives,” she continued “I hope that they find where they’re meant to be and all that stuff, but it’s kinda like, don’t come here with that.”

You tell ’em Jada..oops, we mean, Willow. Check out more of Willow and all her adorableness in the video below:

How can you not have a soft spot for this child? What do all think? Leave your comments below. For more on this article click here.
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