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It’s never an easy thing when you have a new boo and your friends feel like you’re choosing HIM over them. According to reports, the Queen B’s fans are very upset with their femcee because they feel as though this is exactly what she’s doing — putting her music, her loyal fans, on the back burner.

Very much similar to your girlfriends, your fans will basically ride or die for you. So if your name is Lil’ Kim and you been in the game for how long?! I’m sure she has some hardcore fans out there… #TeamLilKim. Her fans are saying that ever since she got with “Mr. Papers,” the Queen has been laying low. After her boo tweeted, “I had my Babygirl in the hood last night making me sandwich…#juslikedat,” it ignited a very angry response out of one fan. (Ps. Last time I checked, dude still had hands…this isn’t the 1950’s — make your own sandwich!)

The fan said: “Is that why @LilKim deserted all her fans becus you got her in the ghetto making you a cheese sandwich?” The user went on to add that Kim is “losing fans by the minute,”¬†while another mocked Kim and said, “Lil Kim’s ‘Return to Get Money And Disappear’ Tour.”

What do you guys think? Is the new boo lovin to blame? Or is it plain and simple… has Kim dried up to the point where she can’t produce us any more hot tracks? Should she just stick to laying low with her boyfriend? Or make a SERIOUS comeback?

Let us know and read the fill story here.

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