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By 30, You Should Have...

In 1997, Glamour magazine published a story titled “30 Things Every Woman Should Have and Should Know by the Time She’s 30.” It’s a great list as reprinted, but it might be missing some items of particular concern to women of color, so, we’ve added a few things.

By 30, you should have …

1.  A collection of music beyond hip-hop and R&B

2. A daily diet that covers raw fruits & vegetables, and isn’t majority fried and cooked

3. A savings account that you wouldn’t even know existed, if you didn’t have to load it once in a while

4. A group of friends that are the exact opposite of reality TV stereotypes

5. How to represent your brand in a professional job interview

6. The realization that your decorum in a job interview should not be worlds apart from your decorum at home

7. A set of past boyfriends that have taught you how to be hurt, so that you can enjoy your 30s without the dramas of your 20s

8. The ability to move on or seek therapy when you need it

9. A mature, well thought-out strategy for dealing with racism, sexism, and disrespect (calling Pookie no longer applies)

10. A ratio of emergency funds that is equal to, or higher than the cost of your shoes & clothes

11. An exercise routine

12. One major dream completed, one major dream in the works, and one major dream to be finished in the future

13. An email account with your real name

14. An umbrella that works

15. Good bed sheets


By 30, you should know …

1. Your credit score and the status of your health

2.  The cost of at least one stock in the stock exchange

3. How to stop useless relationships before they start

4. What fatherhood and parenting should look like, if they’re healthy

5. What relationships should look (and sound) like, if they’re healthy

6. How to date comfortably, inside and outside of your “race”

7. That you can’t change your parents, but you can be a symbol of generational improvement

8. How to laugh when you could be yelling

9. How to say I’m sorry (“my bad” doesn’t count)

10. That people who haven’t changed their actions by now, will not change their actions later

11. The names and backgrounds of your mayor, your governor, president, presidential candidates and anyone who wants your vote

12. That you should vote: every. single. time.

13. How to make yourself happy enough to make others happy

14. When to sign a contract, whether to sign a contract, how to read a contract, and how to get a lawyer to review it for you

15. How to love your hair, hips, and lips: with no room for mental poisons about what you ought to look like

What’s on your list? Share below!

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