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It’s been quite some time since NBA star Kobe Bryant was charged with rape accusations, but it surely seems to have left an imprint on his mind!

According to Inquisitr, Kobe revealed in a recent interview that the legal experience ultimately transformed the star to grow more as a person.

Don’t remember what happened? Shortly put, Kobe was charged with sexual assault of a hotel employee in Colorado in 2003; although the case was dismissed before a full trial, the media and legal battles destroyed the L.A. Laker star’s public image permanently. Despite the drop of the charges, Kobe did admit infidelity to his wife Vanessa and consequently made a public apology.

During the interview, Kobe admitted that “one you go through something like [the rape charges], you can’t help but feel different.”

In the end, Kobe resurfaced as a stronger man with an unparalleled dedication for both his wife and his career.

What do you think–how much do you think the experience changed Kobe? Be sure to post your thoughts below!

Don’t forget to check out Inquisitr for the full gossip here!

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