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1. Shaving

Shaving is probably the most common, if not the most simple way to get rid of hairy legs. With some fresh blades and smooth shaving cream, you can say goodbye to hair and hello to some sexy beach-ready legs! Make sure to shave after your skin has been well-soaked in warm water (like a shower) so that your skin doesn’t get irritated!


2. Waxing

It takes a bit more time, but often worth the investment! Waxing gets rid of the whole hair (including the root), so it takes longer for the the hair to grow back compared to when you shave. You can go to the salon or just do it yourself at home!

3. The Pill

One of the most common medical causes of excessive hair growth is a hormonal imbalance. Contraceptive pills can provide the extra estrogen you may need, but be sure to consult with your doctor before proceeding!

4. Facial Hair Bleach

If your hair is dark and therefore more noticeable, then there is a quick fix with hair bleach! By bleaching your hair to be a lighter color, it’ll be harder to see and less of a problem. Drugstores sell hair bleaches at a low price, too!


5. Don’t Compare

Ladies in the media spotlight are overly plucked, shaved and waxed for TV. Don’t think that you’re excessively hairy because your eyebrows don’t have that perfect arch–women naturally have hair in places, let’s all accept it!


6. Hair Removal Cream

Hair removal creams like Nair have been really popular because it’s so simple to use–apply and wash! Especially for those hard-to-shave places, cream may be a key solution!


7. See a Dermatologist

Dermatologist may be able to offer you various prescription creams and pills that may reduce or slow down your hair growth.


8. Laser Removal

If you’re sick and tired of shaving and waxing, laser removal may be the ultimate answer. However, it’s also probably the most expensive! It can cost anywhere from couple hundred to thousands of dollars, but it is the most permanent option!


9. Confidence

In the end, you are you who are–with or without hair. If your guy truly loves you, then a few hairs is just more to love! Confidence is the number one thing when it comes to you, yourself and your body.

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