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ATL rapper T.I. told us all to live our lives in his hit single with fellow artist Rihanna. Attention to all rappers and artists out there, if you’re going to “live your life,” T.I. wants you to make sure that when you talk about it, you keep it 100. He says he is tired of rappers rhyming about their imaginary lives, hyping us all up over pure lies.

T.I recently sat down with a radio show and expressed his frustration towards these phony lyricists:
“The art form, it derives from truth.The authenticity has diminished in the game and it’s about what sounds good. Nobody’s doing any fact checks, and no one’s getting called up on their bull$#_! neither.” 

He’s not encouraging ya’ll to go out and live that #HardKnockLife surrounding guns, drugs, and alcohol. However, in order to gain respect from the rappers before you/around you, just rap about what you really know. He also stated, “There’s a lot of guys out there that I really tip my hat to and salute their success, like Drake, like Big Sean, like Kendrick Lamar… You ain’t gotta fake like you used to be something that you wasn’t to really, really be considered that guy.”

These rappers rap about the things they surround themselves with — girls, cars, money, and partying. Hey, it may be a little played out but I know it still gets some of y’all hyped up when that song comes on in the club. Don’t lie!

What do you guys think about T.I.’s frustration? Are there certain rules rappers need to follow when it comes to their rhymes? Does he have a point? Share your thoughts below.

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