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There’s no denying that R&B artist/producer The Dream can create some headbangers, from his collaborations to his hot tracks. However, according to ex-wife and mother to his two-year old daughter, Christina Milian, he lacks skills in the parenting department. OUCH. 

Parenting is never an easy thing to do, but parenting between separated parents is surely a tough situation. The couple’s marriage lasted only a couple of months (due to his infidelity, SMH), but that doesn’t mean sit back and kick rocks when it comes to taking care of your kid!

According to Christina, The Dream is not spending enough time with his daughter Violet. She sat down with a radio show and issued how she really feels about his fathering skills… or lack thereof:

“All I care about is my daughter. When it comes to the case of parenting and having another parent, I really would like for her to have a father in her life. And I wasn’t really happy at the moment and I’m still not in the best case but I’ve come to the realization that I have to be a 150 – 200 percent mom for her. It’s not about finances. No, it’s about spending time.”

Mind you, he recently tweeted a picture of his three other kids with fellow singer Nivea, and gave a shootout to all the fathers out there, and then forgave their mother?

What do you guys think? Does The Dream need to step up to the plate and care for all of his children equally? Is there a difference between fathering a child and being dad? Share your comments below.

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