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This is one of the MANY reasons why we loves us some Mr. President! In a recent interview with Essence magazine, Tyler Perry spoke very candidly about his life and current projects. One topic that was not off limits was the passing of his mother. When asked about his sleep schedule he had this to say to Essence: “I actually get eight hours of sleep. And I’m doing a lot better now since I stopped drinking about four months ago when my mother died. When she got sick in 2009 I started drinking every night because I couldn’t sleep — every night up to a couple of months ago.”

When asked how he got past his issue with drinking he continued: “It was President Obama’s visit to my studio, I don’t know what happened there, but when he came everything became clear. I just kind of came out of a haze. It was like, ‘Wake up, kid. You know life is still going on. I know you miss her, I know you care but wake up. Life is still going on.’ I swear the day after he left was the day I just said I am going to sleep without it.”

Who would have thought President Obama and Tyler Perry were that close? At any rate, it was certainly a sweet and heartfelt gesture.

What do you all think of President Obama coming to Tyler’s rescue? Leave your thoughts below and check out the full article here.

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