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Is it just me or does Lala and Carmelo Anthony’s relationship seem too perfect? *knocks on wood* They got us all on the sidelines fused with jealousy while we ouuuuuu and awww at their happy marriage. Now to top it off, we couldn’t help but notice the extra large rock on Lala’s finger at the 2012 BET Awards last weekend. She has revealed to reports that Carmelo actually surprised her with a BIGGER and UPGRADED ring for her birthday and threw it on her finger like it’s nothing. Oh but to make things even better for all you hopeless romantic/jealous/single ladies out there — the ring is an estimated 20 carats. #ShutYourMouth.

She told reports, “That was my biggest birthday surprise and not that I don’t love my gift but more importantly being with my family and having a good time and feeling the love –to me that’s more important than any materialistic thing that you could ever get.” This summer will actually be nine years of them being together as a couple. While being the sweetheart that she is, Lala never tried to brag about her ring but she couldn’t help but gush about how happy her and Carmelo have been throughout the years. Awwww.

What do you all think about Lala’s solid rock on her finger? Are they becoming hip hop’s Obama & Michelle? Share your thoughts below. Read the full article here.

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