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Congrats to Kris Humphries, aka expecting father of a Kim Kardashian look-a-like nugget. It has been reported that Kris’ ex-girlfriend Myla Sinanaj is three months preggers with HIS child. Mind you, this is the same cray cray ex lady friend who threatened to air out his dirty laundry, whom he also reportedly pinned the FBI on.

There’s no doubt that this rumored pregnancy will make its way into the divorce courts as Kris and Kim settle their public breakup. Kris claims that the divorce led him to suffer emotionally, however if Myla is indeed knocked up, this will show that he moved on pretty darn quickly, which in turn will work out for Ms. Kim Kardashian nicely. Sources are saying that Myla wishes to raise the child on her own, without the NBA player’s help. Hmmm… not sure if that’s the smartest move Myla. Now if you were on OG boss lady status, you’d milk the man for all his NBA dollars to raise this supposed love nugget of yours, I’m just saying. But we respect the independent single mom vibe — it’s all about smart decisions, that’s all.

What do you guys think about this alleged pregnancy? Is she throwing him some more bull to get him riled up and maybe throw him under the bus while he’s dealing with a public divorce? Does she just need to quit popping into the limelight with some cray cray business? How do you think Kim’s handling the news?

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