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Today is Jun 27th, 2016

Flavor Flav Sets Off Fireworks In Vegas

July 6th, 2012 - TMZ

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Small Bite: @FlavorFlav celebrates Independence day his own way! #MegaBoom

Full Platter:

According to TMZ, the Las Vegas Police Department had an interesting encounter with Flavor Flav on Independence Day.

Some policemen were attracted by "a ton" of fireworks in the middle of street and what did they find? Smoke, explosions, hyped up mob and of course--William Jonathan Drayton, Jr. behind it all.

The whole thing was caught on tape: LVPD vs. Flavor Flav with a lighter in his hand.

Despite the racket Flav had made, the police was pretty lenient with the rapper and simply asked him to stop lighting the fireworks. According to TMZ, Flav was "totally cooperative." The rapper later said that "we had a good time watching my fireworks show and everything ended safely." Safely because the cops got there before things got out of control, maybe?

Will this 53-year-old ever age? Your time of immaturity is up, Flav! Would love to hear your thoughts below!

Get the full dish from TMZ here!

Posted by: Heeso Kim