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Funny man Chris Rock is always looking to make people laugh with his outrageous jokes, and what better place to spread some patriotic humor than on Twitter? He’s been getting a lot of heat lately for his recent July 4 tweet, in which he wrote: “Happy white peoples independence day the slaves weren’t free but I’m sure they enjoyed fireworks.”

Any sentence that has the terms “white peoples” and “slaves” has is sure to spark conversation.

According to reports, Don Cheadle replied with a “Haha,” followed by, “Where exactly is the bigotry in that joke? Who is the victim? 18th century whites?” However, not every one was as amused. People even went on to threaten to boycott Chris’ films. The managing editor of the conservative blog America’s Right tweeted, “Slavery existed for 2000yrs before America. We eradicated it in 100yrs. We now have a black POTUS. ‪#Go (expletive) Yourself” Ouuuufff… I don’t know about you guys but these are definitely fighting words all around. 

What do you all think? Was Chris’ tweet innocent and funny, truthful or not? Let us know. Read the full story here and drop your comments below!

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