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Get ready for another season of drama filled foolery. The “Love And Hip Hop” season 2 cast has been revealed…well, kinda. The show will be placed in New York once again, however with a different cast, which only means — new drama for us to follow. Since Chrissy and Emily will not be sticking around, VH1 has found some interesting replacements. According to reports, rapper Joe Budden and ex-girlfriend/model Tahiry Rose will appear on the show.

Here’s the twist: Joe was reportedly linked with former cast member Somaya Reece and now producers are looking to get Somaya to return for another season. Tahiry and Joe had been dating for five years up until 2009 when they broke up and he allegedly got with Ms. Somaya Reece — that was until they broke up and he spilled her business all over Twitter and Youtube. Oh lordy, not another love triangle we have to keep up with.

What do you all think about this messy love affair? Will you be tuning in to watch the new season? Let us know. Share your thoughts below and read the full story here.

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