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Jessica Alba Wins Lawsuit Over Belly Bandit

July 5th, 2012 - Mail U.K.

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Small Bite: That’s what you get for stealing @jessicaalba’s name! #POW

Full Platter:

Jessica Alba rightfully won her rights to her name in court.

According to Mail U.K., Jessica sued Belly Bandit for over $1 million in October 2012; Belly Bandit was accused of using the actress' name without permission to advertise its post-pregnancy products. The 31-year-old actress wasn't too happy to learn that Belly Bandit products were falsely claiming to be her "#2 secret for a fast post pregnancy slimdown," reports Mail U.K.

I'm sure Belly Bandit made some good cash under Jessica's name, but it sure came back at a hefty price! The case was settled in court, and Jessica triumphed in glory.

Is $1 million too heavy of a price for just borrowing Jessica Alba's name? Be sure to post your thoughts below!

For the full dish of gossip, check out Mail U.K. here!

Posted by: Heeso Kim