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Antwaun Cook Dumps Fantasia For ‘BGC’ Star?

July 5th, 2012 - Hello B.

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Small Bite: Fantasia Barrino may be sharing her boo with a Bad Girl! #CleanUpWoman

Full Platter:

We now know why Fantasia has been doing the most lately: crying during shows, wearing ill fitting cat suits etc. It's because her boo, Antwaun Cook, is rumored to be seeing Kendra from 'The Bad Girls' Club'.

Recently Kendra uploaded a picture to Instagram with a gentlemen who sure struck a striking resemblance to Antwaun. Reportedly, she took the picture down and deleted the link on Twitter when she was asked by a fan if the man was Fantasia's "baby daddy." Things that make you go hmmmm. What a tangled web we weave Kendra...

What do you all think of this? Has Fantasia's "baby daddy" moved on? Leave your comments below. Check out the full article here.


Posted by: Natonia Trammell