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Even though the celebrity twosome, Tom-Kat, had a prenuptial agreement Tom Cruise, who was clearly the bread winner in the marriage, could be shoveling out the big bucks in his divorce from actress Kate Holmes.

Recently, Holmes filed for divorce in NY from her mega-star hubby of five years (we didn’t see that one coming…right?). It is reported that Katie will seek custody of their daughter Suri and if she does and wins, Cruise could be paying mega bucks in child support!

Also, it is reported that Cruise could be forced to split any assets he and Holmes acquired during their brief marriage right down the middle. We guess being filthy stinking rich pays off on the day to day but not so much when you are going through a divorce. Word of advice to you super rich stars out there pending a divorce: “it’s cheaper to keep her.”

What do you think.? Will Tom be forced to dig deep in his pockets for the, almost, former Mrs. Cruise or should he be covered by his prenuptial? Leave your thoughts below. Check out the full article here.

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