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Looks like Rick Ross can not only celebrate his team’s hot performance at the 2012 BET Awards last night, but now — the fact that he DID NOT father his alleged love child. That’s right folks, these negative test results got Ricky Rozay shouting and toasting to “Dat baby don’t look like me!!” Oh lordy, this is sounding like a walk down Maury Show memory lane…

According to reports, 36-year-old Tyrisha Childers filed a paternity lawsuit last year arguing that Ricky Rozay did not pay child support for his supposed baby whom he supposedly fathered a few years ago. The courts issued a DNA test and they proved her wrong. Like I said, the Maury Show memories are all coming back.

Rick Ross, you are NOT the father. *cue the angry cursing, table flipping, crowd hype, baby mama tears, “I told you so!” and the running backstage*

What do you guys think about these reports? Could he make a hot new track out of these baby mama paternity results? Share your comments below and read the full story here on TMZ.

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